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Business Ninjas Podcast: Modernizing Data Automation

Our CEO, Devan Bouchard, sat down with Jamie MacMillan, Cofounder of WriteForMe on the Business Ninjas podcast. Check out the video to listen in on their discussion about Modernizing Data Automation for Telecommunications.

"Join our resident Business Ninja Jamie together with Devan Bouchard, CEO of Encepta, which provides highly configurable software for telecommunications and utility industries, so their clients can better understand the condition of their infrastructure and manage the associated business process or workflow. Automation is key to accelerating service delivery while minimizing the risk of human error. Encepta focuses on providing an empowering and exciting culture as a foundation for our teams. Their enthusiasm, courage, and desire to solve practical industry problems have been paramount in helping us build strong relationships with their clients."

If you’re ready to take the next step in how you manage data, contact our experts to learn more today.

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