Small Cell Wireless

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Optimizing deployment of your assets to effectively upgrade your network to the next generation of 5G small cell technology is an arduous undertaking. Our 5G network design minimizes required equipment changes while ensuring efficient connections to the power grid and communications backhaul.

Small Cell Planning

Existing Infrastructure Utilization

Design Automation

Data Transferability

Our Process



We review geographic deployment priorities and bring together backhaul, power and attachment infrastructure data for analysis.



We use all available data to inform our deployment strategy, taking into account existing infrastructure and staying within the project budget.



We source additional and cross-check existing data during the planning and design phase with tactical field visits to attachment infrastructure.



We create detailed small cell designs that automatically update themselves based on any changes to the project, eliminating versioning mistakes that happen with static, hand-drawn designs still prevalent in our industry.



We make it easy for you to transfer the updated design and as-built information directly to your corporate systems of record, so that you always have up-to-date information throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our Results

Reduced Deployment Costs

Automatically Updating Designs

Accurate Network Data

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