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Customer Spotlight: Nora Toro Brings Confidence to Clients

Nora Toro is an expert in data collection accuracy and quality control. As a data scientist at Encepta, a Canadian utility consulting firm, she helps departments across the company find their optimal field data collection workflows. Nora has tested the geospatial equipment she recommends to the limit, using various accuracy and stress tests to ensure dependability. Through her hard work and dedication, she ensures confidence in the data for her coworkers and their clients.

Learn how Nora uses the Eos Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver to guide Encepta’s geospatial projects with confidence!

1. Why are you passionate about your job?

I have a unique role that allows me to interact with various internal departments and groups to help improve their workflows and create efficiencies. I find it highly motivating and rewarding to have the opportunity to help my peers achieve their visions through geospatial technology. Together, we work to find unique solutions to complex problems and bring new light to old methodologies. Leveraging reliable and robust tools, such as the Eos Arrow Gold®, helps to establish trust in the results of new technology and methods. As a result, we can quickly guide our improvements and increase our team’s reach and productivity.

2. How did you first find out about Eos Positioning Systems’ GNSS products?

Last year, I helped the Encepta utility locates group in Alberta, Canada, by migrating their workflows from legacy software to Esri’s ArcGIS Field Maps. I collaborated with my colleague Zack Henry to find the optimal workflow for their data collection needs. The team was already using an Arrow Series® GNSS receiver and walked me through their GNSS device selection process and the capabilities of the Arrow. During the migration, we used the accuracy of the Arrow to verify that our data transformations and projection settings were correct. Using the Arrow with Field Maps was seamless, and it reliably allowed the team to achieve centimeter accuracy. This dependability led me to recommend the Arrow Series® GNSS receivers for other projects.

3. What do you use Arrow Series® GNSS receivers for?

In the spring of 2022, I assisted our pole line analysis team in testing new field data collection methods and equipment. After the experience with the Arrow in our previous project, I decided to use its accuracy as a reference point. Throughout the tests, the Eos Arrow Gold® acted as a control for assessing the range of both the vertical and horizontal accuracies of the various legacy field equipment we had available.

Nora Toro collects a utility transmission pole location using ArcGIS Field Maps and an Arrow Gold GNSS receiver in Alberta, Canada, for Encepta’s pole line analysis team.

To ensure the control points were reliable, we stress-tested the Arrow Gold® and the RTK network access with steep hills (grade of 26%), mountainous regions, and vegetation. We found that the results were, in most cases, trustworthy given the harsh conditions. In instances where the Arrow could not collect accurate data (such as against steep hills), the display and alarms were essential in understanding the challenges that were being encountered. As a result of the tests, we were able to determine which legacy devices fit the team’s minimal accuracy needs, and what equipment needed to be upgraded.

The above map shows the locations of utility pole lines. The pink points represent the positions calculated by the Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver, while the teal and blue points represent locations taken with Encepta’s other field devices. While the pink points represented centimeter-level accurate positions, the teal and blue points that were compared to them for quality-control purposes ranged anywhere from 2-20 meters in accuracy.

4. Do you have a favourite experience or memory from your projects with Eos Arrow?

My favorite experiences with the Eos Arrow have been out in the field while testing and calibrating workflows before they go live. It doesn’t get much better than going outside with colleagues and working efficiently throughout the whole day while gathering high-quality data. On days like this, the Arrow’s long battery life and the easy-to-use interface of Eos Tools Pro make it a breeze to validate workflows.

Nora and the Encepta team use alarms in the Eos Tools Pro app to notify mobile workers of any moments when the data falls outside their desired thresholds, so they ensure they are collecting only consistent, high-quality data for their clients.

Nora measures the distance a control point using Esri’s ArcGIS Field Maps and an Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver to be used as a benchmark by the pole line analysis team.

5. Do you have a favourite feature of Arrow GNSS receivers?

As a data scientist with a geospatial background, my attention is focused on leveraging system integrations and empowering my coworkers with confidence. The assurance of presenting high-quality data results in an improved relationship between Encepta and its clients. The seamless integration between the Arrow Gold® and Esri’s ArcGIS Field Maps enables synergy between field and office.

Encepta utilizes various tools and programs to complete work efficiently and effectively. Contact us now to learn more about Encepta’s revolutionary solutions. 

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