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Encepta Joins RAM Consulting

Encepta's shareholding structure has changed, and we're pleased to share the news. Effective August 6, 2021, RAM Consulting, a leading design and construction management consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, acquired a majority shareholder interest in Encepta, providing a successful exit for our early silent partners and investors.

RAM Consulting (RAM) specializes in project and construction management as well as multi-discipline services across multiple sectors, including transportation, infrastructure, utilities, and energy, throughout Canada, US, and the Caribbean.

In his statement about the transaction, Devan Bouchard, CEO and Co-Founder of Encepta, highlighted the importance of our early shareholders:

As an engineer, I have an appreciation for how important the foundation of any structure is, and Encepta started with Wesley Clover and Alacrity supporting us in the marketplace and supplying all the shared startup services. We would not have been successful at launching if it was not for the supportive family-like network around us and the close links with our sister startup companies, which was invaluable for me as a founder, especially in the early days where we were doing everything for the first time.

Devan also shared the opportunities he sees going forward:

Encepta and RAM have been partnering together for two years leading up to this. We are excited about the opportunity to make working together easier and to create significant synergy in the areas of design, inspection and project management. This will enhance our services to our customers, improve scalability, increase our human resource depth, and pool collective engineering experience. We are excited about this next growth step at Encepta and look forward to our continued relationship.

As for the future of Encepta as a company, the change in shareholder structure will not affect Encepta’s brand, management or operations. Although Encepta is now an affiliate of RAM Consulting, we will continue to operate independently, with the ability to leverage RAM’s human resources and industry insights, thus expanding our team and our services to new verticals.

With the synergies between Encepta and RAM Consulting, our future is looking both stronger and more predictable. We will be able to meet an increased demand from our existing customers and confidently bid for larger and more cross-service projects in the future.

The transaction presents outstanding opportunities for Encepta, RAM Consulting, our customers and the infrastructure solutions market overall, allowing us to provide an even better service for every customer in the industry.

Get in touch and discover how our partnership leads to successful outcomes for our clients and key stakeholders. 

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