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Encepta Summer Events Recap 2023

Summer is a season of warmth, joy, and connection, especially with the sunny weather in BC and AB. At Encepta, we believe in fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture that values working together. To celebrate the spirit of our company, we organized four summer events across Western Canada. From Victoria, to Burnaby, Calgary to Edmonton, our employees came together to create cherished memories and strengthen the bond that makes Encepta truly exceptional. 

Kicking off the summer festivities, the Victoria event had a BBQ at Goldstream Provincial Park. Our team enjoyed a day filled with laughter and delicious food from Little Piggy Catering. The highlight of the event was hiking up to Trestle Bridge!

Next on the summer event itinerary was the Burnaby BBQ event at Second Park Beach near Stanley Park. Additionally, Enceptans enjoyed mouthwatering BBQ from Pacific Coast Catering, board games, and an intense competition of Fishbowl. 

For our Calgary event, unfortunately a severe thunderstorm became an obstacle in having an outside venue so the party was moved into the Encepta and RAM shared Calgary office. The employees still had a wonderful time inside enjoying food from Big T’s BBQ Catering and catching up with each other. 

Wrapping up the summer events, the Edmonton Summer party was celebrated in hot weather on the rooftop of the Edmonton Encepta Office. Employees faced off in intense games of Jenga and card games while enjoying the Beef Brisket from Pit Boss Ross Catering. 

Enceptan Insights

To learn more about the event, we asked an Enceptan from each office a few questions about what they enjoyed the most and a sneak peak into Encepta’s company culture. Special thank you to Analie Teleb, Project Manager III; Grant Baker, Project Lead II; Sam Tadey, Programmer Analyst I; and Ximena Cortes, Project Designer I. 

What was your overall impression of this year’s Encepta Summer Event in 1 word? 

Analie (Edmonton Event): This was my first Encepta Summer Event and I didn’t know what to expect, but overall, I was impressed how the People and Social Committee have organized it. I loved the shiny decor and the food was great, especially the donuts.

Grant (Calgary Event): Entertaining!

Sam (Burnaby Event): Refreshing.

Ximena Cortes (Victoria): Awesome!

We often hear that a company’s true spirit comes to life during social events. Can you share a specific moment or interactions that exemplifies the culture we have at our company?

Analie: It’s not surprising to me that Encepta’s culture embraces a fun working environment as that’s what I have observed in the past 2.5 months that I’ve been here. The summer event is just one example that we can all set aside some time to not worry too much about work stuff but just have fun, play games with co-workers, and socialize with people you don’t normally get to talk to on your day-to-day.

Grant: My team was fortunate enough to have its own team builder on the same day as the company summer party. As most of our team works remotely it was fantastic to meet in person. What I found most enjoyable about the entire day was hearing about people’s lives outside of work, the trips they have planned for the summer, and what kind of hobbies they enjoy. I find the company culture one of the attractive aspects of working at Encepta and that exemplifies perfectly when we were supposed to have the party outside, but due to the weather we were forced inside at the last minute. Heloisa, Admin Assistant and company shifted quickly and made the most of what they had and still set up a great party!

Sam: Fishbowl was a great game for bringing out the ‘fun’ competitiveness. Everyone was very supportive of one another and had a great time with it. 10/10 game, thanks to Aline, Director, Culture & Digital Solutions, for suggesting it!

Ximena: Stephen M, Field Specialist III, brought his soccer ball to the party and everyone was passing the ball around while we were enjoying some drinks and talking. Some people showed some great tricks, it was so much fun!

Did you have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from different departments? If yes, what was this experience like? 

Analie: Yes I did, and it was great to learn not just what others do at work, but also learned fun facts about them. I enjoyed playing Jenga with Patrick K, Field Specialist I; Sonam, Project Lead II; Shruthi, Project Lead I;, Abrho, Software Co-Op Student; and Heloisa.

Grant: I did have the opportunity to interact with other team members, which was great to hear about their experiences and how their projects are going.

Sam: Yeah, I got to interact with a lot of Enceptans! I tossed the frisbee around with Frankie, Field Specialist II and Z, Programmer Analyst I, and then played Blockus with Cameron, Field Specialist III; Henry, Senior GIS Analyst; and Nate, GIS Analyst I. When we were eating our burgers and smokies I chatted with Greg K, Field Specialist I and Greg H, Field Specialist III. Greg H even told us stories of early BCIT!

Ximena: In the Victoria Office you are always interacting with people from different departments, and I found it great. It is interesting to know about other projects within Encepta, and you learn a lot from it. 

Were there any memorable interactions with senior leadership/management at the event that stood out to you? 

Analie: A memorable interaction with senior leadership was my conversation with Mark, COO, about ideas on simplifying complex topics. 

Grant: I was fortunate enough to have some of the senior management at the event including Devan, CEO & President;  Mark; Glen, Vice President of Business Development; and Jon, Director of Operations. Jon had been a part of my first project as a Project Lead so it was great to catch up, as well it was my first-time meeting Mark in person after only having one video call. The support that they have provided has always been greatly appreciated!

Sam: At the beginning of the event, I was able to toss the frisbee around with Mark. Nearing the end, Siena, Director of Finance and I were on the same fishbowl team. When I was acting out some of our words, she was one of the quickest guessers!

Ximena: The most memorable interaction of this Summer Party was hiking up to the trestle with everyone, Including Devan!

What was the most enjoyable part of the event for you? 

Analie: I’d say, getting to know others and seeing how competitive everyone is when it comes to games.

Grant: The best part of the summer event was enjoying the company of my co-workers outside of work.

Sam: We played a variety of games at the event, but the one I enjoyed the most was fishbowl. It’s definitely a unique and fun game to play with a large group of people. 

Ximena: Having dinner and talking to everyone was awesome, I enjoyed the food and the company.

At Encepta, we firmly believe that a strong team is one that not only works together but also celebrates together. Our summer events have brought our employees closer, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty that transcends the workplace. We are committed to nurturing a positive and supportive work culture that empowers our team members to thrive both professionally and personally. 

We carry these cherished memories, knowing that they will fuel our motivation to achieve even greater heights as an Encepta family. Here’s to the power of collaboration and the summer events that inspire us to build more meaningful connections, try new things, and be the best versions of ourselves. We can’t wait to gather all together in Vancouver for our Holiday Party in December!

Ready to join a community with an awesome work culture? Check out our open positions and become part of the Encepta family today.

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