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How Encepta Encourages Diversity in the Workplace

Over the years of tweaking and experimenting with our processes at Encepta, we have found that both the quality and the quantity of the work we do day-to-day depends on the continuous investment in our company culture. 

When the morale is high, work seems pleasant, jokes are frequent and ambitions are sky-high. When the morale is low, every day feels slow and repetitive. So how do we ensure that Encepta remains a great place to work for all our employees at all times? 

As a company, first and foremost, we continuously find new customers and challenges to keep work interesting and open up opportunities for career growth. Additionally, we invest a lot in our comprehensive employee benefits that support a proper work-life balance.

For example, we have a great office equipped with a gym, but anyone is welcome to work remotely as well. We offer paid vacation, sick time, flex days. We have excellent benefits, including health and dental. We encourage employees to explore professional development opportunities as well as keep themselves out of their desks with an Active Lifestyle spending account. We also match RRSP contributions. 

Work-wise, we ensure there is lots of collaboration between teams and encourage celebrating various milestones and achievements. Our daily decisions are guided by the five foundational Encepta values:

1. Be curious

Because there is always a better way. 

2. Take pride

Get inspired by your own work. 

3. Work together

Collaboration is the key.

4. Get it done

Keep your word. 

5. Do the right thing

Even when it is hard. 

Another key aspect of our successful decision-making lies in the diversity of our culture throughout the organization. While it is not always easy in the industry like engineering, we found that focusing on four areas of leadership, management, internal policies and hiring practices yields the best results when it comes to encouraging diversity.


Encepta has two C-suite executives: Devan Bouchard, our CEO; and Lisa Payne, our COO and CFO. Their complementary skills and leadership decisions are informed by their different backgrounds. While Devan is an engineering graduate with MASc, Lisa has a lot of experience in capital allocation, scaling operations and business strategy. 


The same background diversity that starts with executive leadership is then followed throughout Encepta. For management, our goal is to have a gender-balanced, diverse management team as well. We believe that the best decisions are made when we can gather and analyze multiple points of view.

A few years ago, we even created a video that explains how Encepta approaches leadership and diversity. Here is what Kelsey Morrissey, our Business Development Director, had to say when asked about rising up in ranks as a female engineer: 

“It can be challenging as a woman leader to build quality relationships with clients in our industry. At Encepta, I have been given all the support that I need to empower me and be successful in my role, and we have received fantastic support from our clients and partners.” 

Internal Policies

We know that, in reality, even the most benign intentions need a well-defined structure to be consistently applied at work. That is why we have a set of clear policies, ranging from anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination to whistleblower and health & safety — all of which are part of the onboarding process for every employee. 

Additionally, everyone in the company completes workshops on workplace diversity and inclusion, mental health as well as gender and sexual diversity. 

We take any deviations from our policies seriously and have clear procedures in place for anyone to privately report concerns, which will then be immediately investigated by the HR department.

Hiring Practices

With the internal structure in place, and the diverse leadership and management to steer us in the right direction, the last part of Encepta’s diversity puzzle concerns new hires. 

As a company, we are growing quickly, frequently hiring a dozen or more positions at any given time. So it is critical for us to have strong people systems and processes, and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, especially those in underrepresented communities, to apply. 

We think of our culture as a moving average. For us, it is not about the resolutions from a few years back. The culture is always changing, and every new hire is making their own contribution. That is why we screen for cultural fit just as much as for hard skills and experience. 

Want to be part of Encepta’s mission? Take a look at the open positions and consider applying for anything relevant to you or feel free to even send a general application.

Want to be a part of Encepta’s Mission? Take a look at our open positions and apply today.

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