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International Women's Day at Encepta

On Friday, March 8th, 2024, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. At Encepta, we joined this celebration with a series of initiatives dedicated to empowering women and mitigating gender equity in the workplace. 

Encepta celebrates diversity and prioritizes creating an inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of background or affiliation with protected groups. We believe in continuing to elevate diversity and inclusion standards, recognizing its significance in fostering a positive and innovative workplace. By actively engaging in dialogue and listening to feedback, we strive to actively engage in dialogue, listen to feedback, improve, and support an equitable work culture. This commitment aligns with our core values where individuals can authentically be themselves, contributing to our collective success and growth. 

This year, we prioritized initiatives aimed at empowering and celebrating women at Encepta. Special thank you to Analie Teleb, Project Manager; Glen Lovas, Vice President, Business Development; Lucia Rudinska, Structural Analyst; Nora Toro, Manager, Operations; Sonam Sawant, Project Manager; and Sosan Rizvi, Structural Analyst, who provided insights into their experiences and perspectives of these initiatives. 

Leap Forward: Networking Event

In Alberta, our female employees recently engaged in a Networking and Panel Event for Women in Communications and Technology (WCT | FCT). Their vision is to advance gender equality in digitally driven businesses and a mission to empower women to reach their full career potential. Our employees learned more on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and built meaningful relationships with other like-minded females in the industry. 

What was the highlight from attending the event? 

Analie: The highlight of attending the event was the inspiring stories shared by the speakers and the opportunity to network and connect with high achieving women and leaders in the industry. The panel shared their stories of transformation, showcasing the power of courage and resilience, reminding us to step beyond our comfort zone and embrace change. Hearing about their stories first hand was incredibly motivating and left a lasting impression on me and the overall experience was truly uplifting.

Sosan: A standout experience from the event was the chance to engage with women who share our industry's nuances and challenges, fostering valuable connections. Additionally, the meaningful interaction with our Encepta team members was truly special.

What specific topic or discussions resonated with you? Why?

Analie: The specific topics that resonated with me the most was about “trusting ourselves” and “not chasing balance”. Trusting ourselves reinforces the idea that by silencing doubts and trusting in our abilities, we can unlock endless opportunities for growth and success. Prioritizing flexibility instead of constantly chasing balance and putting pressure on oneself to achieve an unrealistic equilibrium in all aspects of life simultaneously. If we try to adapt to the fluctuations of life, it allows for a more sustainable approach and it encourages a mindset of accepting imperfection, which leads to a greater sense of fulfillment.

Sosan: A meaningful discussion I encountered emphasized the significance of identifying champions within your company or team whom you can rely on for support. Having a nurturing environment, both professionally and personally, enables you to make significant strides during pivotal moments in your career. The esteemed panel from Women in Communications & Technology shared examples from their own experiences, illustrating not only these transformative career leaps but also addressing day-to-day challenges like conflict resolution. These discussions are crucial and inspire me to actively seek out a supportive network within Encepta, not only for personal growth but also to contribute to creating an environment where other women can find their champions as well.

International Women’s Day: Lunch & Learn

Additionally, Encepta hosted a company-wide lunch and learn discussion featuring guest speaker, Sarita Parmar. Our discussion was focused on the importance of resilience, well-being, and empowerment in achieving success. Through her guidance, employees learned to harness inner strength and use practical tools and strategies to reach both personal and professional goals. 

How did the discussion contribute to your understanding of female empowerment in the workplace?

Glen: The Lunch and Learn with Sarita was an excellent way to celebrate International Women's Day. Her perspective and anecdotes on female empowerment in the workplace were interesting and insightful, and when the meeting concluded, I had the pleasure of continuing the discussion with 5 women I share the Calgary office space with. Sarita prompted a great discussion among us, and it was a good reminder that the business world has some work to do on making the workplace equitable.

Sonam: The Lunch & Learn session with Sarita Parmar was an enriching experience full of engaging discussions and practical strategies, Sarita highlighted the importance of cultivating assertiveness, and confidence in our professional lives. The metaphor of "if you keep your glass vase upright, the water will just automatically overflow to others once it is full" underscored the significance of maintaining balance and mindfulness in our careers. Sarita emphasized that by prioritizing self-care and personal development, women can not only achieve success but also have a positive impact on their colleagues and workplace environment.

What was your biggest takeaway or favourite strategy from the workshop? 

Glen: My takeaway was twofold; This experience was a mirror reflecting the subtle, yet significant barriers still present in our professional environments. It inspired a personal commitment to not only recognize but actively challenge these biases. It also prompted me to reflect on the work my wife does to "manage our entire home life", and I sent a note to her recognizing that during the lunch and learn.

Sonam: One of the most impactful takeaways from the workshop was the concept of the 5-second rule. Sarita explained how this simple yet powerful technique can help overcome hesitation and take action in moments of doubt. By counting down from five and making a decision to act before our minds have a chance to sabotage us, we can seize opportunities and make positive changes in our professional lives. This will help overcome procrastination and fear, it certainly empowered me to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue challenges with confidence.

SHE-ENC Network

Moreover, Encepta launched our SHE-ENC network, an internal community initiative aimed at empowering and uplifting the women within the workplace. With a purpose of fostering connections and providing support to create an environment where every woman can thrive both personally and professionally. By strengthening internal relationships and promoting professional development, Encepta aims to enhance innovation and collaboration while creating equitable opportunities. 

How do you envision the network benefiting women in the company?

Nora: I envision SHE-ENC providing a supportive and collaborative platform for women's voices. The network will enable women to share experiences, growth together, and celebrate each other's successes! I think having a safety net where we can be vulnerable is so important and will ultimately foster confidence, help accelerate growth in areas that were previously hard to access and create some pretty rad connections.

Lucia: One of the biggest benefits is to help each other to feel more confident and support others in difficult situations or even challenging tasks. Sometimes family members/friends can not always fully understand the work situation you are in, and the best way to get support, I found from other women in my work environment. It's really powerful to feel that other women believe in you, even if you start having doubts in yourself with some challenges. We have the same biology and go through similar stuff in life and it's easier to speak with other women that understand the feeling and uncertainty.

What role do you see yourself playing within the SHE-ENC community? 

Nora: I hope to share and learn in the SHE-ENC community. I've been fortunate to have some strong female leads in my life to mentor me and I'd love to pass on their wisdom and some of my own experiences from my career. I also can't wait to have the opportunity to continue to grow and learn from my community of women.

Lucia: I view myself as one of the parents of SHE-ENC and I would be pleased to contribute to its growth by coordinating both in-person and online meetings, as well as assisting in securing approvals from higher-ups. I take great joy in empowering women and witnessing their growth in confidence, progress, and pride in their achievements. It's a collective effort to build SHE ENC, and I'm excited to be a part of shaping its future alongside others.

At Encepta, it’s clear that fostering inclusivity and support for women and BIPOC employees in the workplace is critical. As an equal opportunity employer, we believe in and are committed to continuing to raise the bar for diversity and inclusion in our workplace. 

Ready to elevate your career in an inclusive workplace? Apply today and be empowered to make a difference while collaborating with diverse teams. 

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