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Let's Talk about Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, however, Encepta understands the importance of encouraging the discussion all year around. We are actively working to create a safe space for our colleagues to open about any hard times and successes they are encountering.

For May’s EncepTALKS podcast episode, a few of our Enceptans opened up their hearts and their minds on this internal-audience only EncepTALKS episode. Our host, Brian (Project Manager, EIT), guided the conversation surrounding how to navigate through difficult situations and shared some personal anecdotes on supporting loved ones who have depression. Edward (Field Specialist) shared his experience and struggles after being on an injury-leave for nearly two years and gave us insights on the mindset, activities, and support group that helped bring him to where he is today. Finally, Monique (HR Manager), spoke on how she interprets the meaning of the term mental health and provided some insights onto the benefits available to Enceptans to support their mental health such as our Employee Assistance Program.

Taking a moment to discuss how we can take care of our mental health, especially when you’re going through a difficult time in your life, left the three of them feeling relieved and uplifted. Being able to talk to someone was mentioned as an extremely important factor in their shared experiences and ways to build resilience. Look for ways to be heard and supported. Mental resilience is a balance that involves the ability to manage stress in order to reach one’s full potential.

Here are some of the ways Encepta has demonstrated its support for mental health, as well as how we will continue to do so in the months to come:

  • EncepTALKS Episode - discussing Mental Health and resources as mentioned above.
  • Webinar: Let’s Talk About: Workload Sustainability – in this session, we educated our Enceptans on “the Mental Health Continuum” and shared small and actionable steps to help model a sustainable workload, set boundaries, mitigate burnout, prioritize employee well-being and build personal resilience.
  • Updating Our Knowledge Base – education, support and resources and keeping them up to date is key for showing our Enceptans that we care. Our knowledge base can serve as a confidential starting point to show our team where they can source help when they need it.
One educational and meaningful resource Encepta uses inside our Knowledge Base to spread awareness and contribute to resolving the stigma around mental health are visuals and content from Liz + Mollie. Their belief is that "modern work requires an ability to effectively harness emotion" and we continue to work towards creating a workplace environment where employees feel free to express themselves and their opinions. Check out their blog.
  • Communicating That Our Door Is Always Open – it’s important for our team to feel psychologically and emotionally safe. Encouraging an open door policy so they do not hesitate to reach out to their colleagues, team lead or Human Resources is key.
  • No Shame In The Time Off Game – time away from work, breaks, vacations, workplace hour flexibility are essential to maintaining a good work-life balance and supporting how we feel at and outside of work. Encepta offers flexible work hours, paid sick time, paid flex days, in addition to regular vacation days.
  • Keep The Conversation Going – to practice what we preach, we will continue to host webinars, lunch & learns and education sessions which support mental health and resilience. We have a session booked for the first week of June titled Let's Talk More About: Workload Sustainability, Feeling Overwhelmed and Building Resilience.

Encepta takes pride in knowing we are actively taking steps to improve our workplace’s mental resilience through kindness, compassion, support and education. Please reach out to us if you are an educator on Mental Health, Wellness or Resilience or let us know ways that other companies support their teams.

Passionate about prioritizing mental health today and every day? Reach out to learn more about how we support mental health in the workplace. 

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