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Smart Field Operations

Encepta was founded on a culture of embracing and making use of technology to change the way work is done. Great part of our work is focused on building a company that combines great service with innovative technology and data to improve how utilities manage and enhance their distributed assets, to provide better communications, energy and transportation for their customers.

Every year, new digital devices like tablets, smartphones, cameras, and apps are released, giving our work additional capability and increasing its automation. Although the industry still views paper-based processes and inspections as the standard, the benefits of switching to digital are clear, and the transition has already begun.

Are you thinking of introducing smart field service technology at your company?

Graeme MacLeod, Stew Davenport, and Jake Freivald will demonstrate how Encepta and Fulcrum leverage location based services to provide field and infrastructure insights to clients.

Join the discussion using this link to register for the upcoming free webinar on August 25th, 2022.

If you're ready to reimagine how you approach field service operations, reach out to learn more about Encepta's solutions today.

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